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OCR Stainless Steel Medal Hangar

Allied Medal Hangars

  • $ 69.99

Obstacle Course Stainless Hangar


You've ran, jumped, swam, climbed, dashed, swung, and crawled through the flippin' MUD - now all you have to do is showcase your finisher medals, signifying your great feats! What would be better than this gorgeous, brushed stainless steel laser-cut medal display? Perfect for any warrior tough enough to tackle the challenge.


How many medals does a display hold?

  • 12" size = 8-12 medals
  • 18" size = 12-18 medals
  • 24" size = 18-24 medals
  • 30" size = 20-30 medals

Ordering a "3 hanger bar" display will triple these figures, and will come with clear plastic ribbon clips to shorten or stagger the lengths of the ribbons.

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