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Mavic Kysrium Pro Thermal sock

Mavic Kysrium Pro Thermal sock


  • $ 24.95

Warm and comfortable sock for intense training in extreme cold conditions


Very warm
Copper fiber knitted from heel to toe to bring warm and help blood circulation Double layer knit on ankle part to bring warmth

All day riding comfort
Soft Meryl® Skinlife fibre maintains the natural balance of the skin, odor control and antimicrobial properties Reinforced from heel to toe with terry-knit for more cushioning Anatomical fit, specific left and right Flatlock seams on the toes 



Copper fiber
Meryl® Skinlife

Flatlock seams

Cold Ride +

practice: Road
weather type: cold


When it’s freezing outside there is no better ally than a pair of these Thermo+ socks. The key is the copper fiber knit woven from heel to toe, and double layered on your ankle. It’s the same material used in survival socks. It’s also very unbulky, so will easily fit into your shoes without cramping your toes. These socks also contain soft Meryl Skinlife fibres that maintain the natural balance of your skin and contain odor control and antimicrobial properties. The sock is then reinforced with terry-knit for more cushioning, with left and right socks for a precise, anatomical fit.


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