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As OCR athletes, we are often frustrated when we have to visit several different sites to find the products we need, find information on upcoming events, register for upcoming events, find a ride or a motel room to share with fellow athletes to split expenses or just a spot to ask questions about training, clothing, shoes, gear or supplements.  

We decided that if no one else was going to help us out, we will make an OCR website of our own.  This is a new venture,  but we have the resources to make this the best and only OCR website you will ever need to visit, whether you are an Elite racer or just a weekend warrior.  With this in mind, we welcome any bits of input to make the website easier to use along with your favorite products to add to our inventory .

Check out the Forum page to ask questions and get answers that can be easily found, instead of having to ask over and over again, or scroll forever trying to find the discussion on shoes on your OCR facebook page.  Coordinate ride shares and lodging with fellow athletes that are going to the same event.  

Use all of what OCRFit has to offer, to help make your before, during, and after OCR event as painless as possible!

See you in the mud!