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Midwest Vikings Stainless Steel Medal Hangars

Allied Medal Hangars

  • $ 69.99

Midwest Vikings/Valkyries Stainless Hangar:


Midwest Viking is a team that no matter what your skill level, past experience, present or what your future ambitions are, we are about support. Our athletes participate in a variety of sports from power lifting, marathons, triathlons, OCR races, mountain biking and more.   This beautiful stainless steel hangar displays all of your accomplishments with Vikings pride!


How many medals does a display hold?

  • 12" size = 8-12 medals
  • 18" size = 12-18 medals
  • 24" size = 18-24 medals
  • 30" size = 20-30 medals

Ordering a "3 hanger bar" display will triple these figures, and will come with clear plastic ribbon clips to shorten or stagger the lengths of the ribbons.

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