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OCRFit Manila Climbing Rope


  • $ 86.99

15 feet of 1 1/2" Manila rope with steel end clamp that you can hang from any sturdy place you can find.  Rope and clamp have a 300lb rating.  Some companies sell 20' ropes, but we would rather not risk serious injury from a potential 20' fall.  You can learn proper rope climbing technique in 15 feet just as well as you can 20'.  That being said, rope climbing is inherently dangerous. OCRFit does not recommend climbing ropes without using a thick landing pad at the base of all climbing ropes. By purchasing this product with this warning being posted, OCRFit absolves itself from any claims made while using OCRFit brand  climbing ropes.  This rope is also not intended for any other purpose than a climbing rope.  

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