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Running Peeps Stainless Steel Medal Hangars

Allied Medal Hangars

  • $ 69.99

Running Peeps Stainless Hangar:


 Running peeps is a group of runners who help to inspire, train, and reach goals as a team. When you want to run with a peep, there will most always be a running peep there to join you.  What better way to display the accomplishments you have made with your fellow peeps than with this beautiful personalized stainless steel hangar!


How many medals does a display hold?

  • 12" size = 8-12 medals
  • 18" size = 12-18 medals
  • 24" size = 18-24 medals
  • 30" size = 20-30 medals

Ordering a "3 hanger bar" display will triple these figures, and will come with clear plastic ribbon clips to shorten or stagger the lengths of the ribbons.

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